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Financial Tips for Before the End of the Year

    I'm not a financial advisor, but I'm thankful for my friends at Forbes. Here is what they have to say about things to consider financially between now and December 31st (and a bit of my input as well): 1. 401K-Contributions to a 401K or 403b need to be … [Read more...]

Tips for Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

  The freedom that comes with not having a mortgage is amazing. With some planning, and self-control, it's possible for you to pay off your loan and have more money available for other interests. Here are some tips from Kayla Albert's November 30, 2016 real estate … [Read more...]

Why Owning a Home is the Smartest Life Decision I Ever Made-Real Estate 101

Check out this article from the Trulia Blog. If you decide to stop renting, and invest in real estate, call me. … [Read more...]

Your Time

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Considering A Second Home?

Whether you are thinking about buying an investment property for steady cash flow, a vacation home for your family, or temporary home for your college-bound son or daughter, there are a few things to consider before making the investment. Local Market-Both the local … [Read more...]

Are Your Renovations Adding (or Subtracting) Value?

Home renovation reality shows have inspired may homeowners to consider costly upgrades for their own homes.  While many home improvement projects are worthwhile, it's important to know which ones are worth it from an investment standpoint. Here are a few key … [Read more...]

Thinking of Working With An Interior Designer?

Things to Keep In Mind When Working With An Interior Designer … [Read more...]

What Home Buyers Are Willing to Compromise One … [Read more...]

What Your Realtor Does Behind Your Back

  This article provides information about responsibilities of your realtor that happen behind the … [Read more...]

Upcycle Old Furniture Into Something New

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